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   1964 gibson firebird III
      Other Gibson Guitars


Gibson makes many other electric and acoustic guitars that are great to photograph.  Here are a few more Gibson Guitar Photos.  I hope you enjoys these as much as I enjoyed shooting them.

Thanks to Rocknrollvintage for providing some of these photos.

1934 L-50 Gibson 1955 J-50 1962 Melody Maker 1973 L6s
1934 Gibson L-50 Acoustic
1955 Gibson J-50 Acoustic
1962 Gibson Melody Maker
1973 L6-S
1964 Gibson LG-1 1969 Gibson F-12 Mandolin 1965 J-160 1966 Gibson Firebird
1964 Gibson LG-1 Acoustic
1969 Gibson F-12 Mandolin
1965 J-160 E Electric Acoustic
1966 Gibson Firebird
Gibson chet atkins SST silverburst Gibson L6s 1965 Gibson Melody Maker 1966 gibson byrdland
88 Chet Atkins SST
1980 Silverburst L6S
1965 Gibson Melody Maker
1966 Gibson Byrdland




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