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1964 fender jazz bass photo
  Fender Jazz and Precision Bass


The Fender Precision Bass (AKA P-Bass) debuted in 1951.  The P-Bass proved to be very popular.  The Precision bass featured a slab double cutaway ash body, a single coil pickup, one piece neck and massive Kluson tuning machines.  These are impressive basses to photograph.

The Fender Jazz Bass is also a popular bass and was first introduced in 1960.  The Fender Jazz Bass was designed to provide a mellower tone and featured 2 pickups and a 34" neck.  The fingerboard was tapered and narrower than the Precision bass and the body was Alder rather than Ash.

These are both excellent collector basses but they can be a challenge to photograph due to their size.  I have found it best to have a camera capable of a 28mm equivalent lens to get a wide angel shot otherwise you may have to step back a bit further away than you might for a guitar.


1958 pbass photo
1960 pbass picture
1964 fender jazz bass photograph 1979 fender fretless precision bass picture
1958 Fender Precision Bass
1960 Precision Bass
1964 Fender Jazz Bass
1979 Fretless Precision Bass
1971 telecaster bass picture 1966 or 69 fender mustang bass photo    
1971 Telecaster Bass
1969 Fender Mustang Bass

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