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vintage gretsch guitar photos
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1958 Gretsch 6120 guitar
      Gretsch Guitars


The Gretsch brand has been around a long time.   Gretsch was founded by Fred Gretsch in New York in 1883.  Gretsch acoustic guitars first appeared in 1930's and Gretsch introduced the Electromatic Spanish guitar in 1949.  In 1953 Gretsch released their first solidbody single cut electric, the Duo Jet.  In 1954 and 1955 several more electric models were released including the Round up which is my favorite Gretsch guitar.    The Gretsch semi-hollow body Chet Atkins model 6120 was the first in a series of Chet Atkins inspired guitars.   Gretsch was sold to Baldwin in 1967 and remained a Baldwin company until approximately 1985 when it was taken private by the Gretsch family.  Gretsch continues to manufacture a wide range of guitars that are preferred by rockabilly and county artists however to the best of my knowledge most production is off shore.

Thanks to Rocknrollvintage for some of these photos.

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1955 gretsch roundup gretsch corvette perhaps a 1956
1958 gretsch 6128
1958 gretsch 6117
1955 Gretsch Roundup
1950's Corvette
1958 6128
1958 6117
1964 Gretsch chet atkins tennessean 1959 6119 chet atkins 1964 suoer chet 1968 chet atkins nashville
1964 Chet Atkins Tennessean
1959 6119 Chet Atkins in Red
1964 Super Chet
1968 Chet Atkins Nashville


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