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1961 fender stratocaster photos of strats

      Fender Stratocaster Photos


The Fender Stratocaster - The Fender Stratocaster AKA "Strat" is an icon of the musical instrument industry. The Stratocaster was first introduced in early 1954.   The Strat's double cut ash body design was based on the Fender precision bass and features an semi- symmetrical double cut contoured body.   The pick guard actually followed the contours of the guitar rather which resulted in a new look for Fender.  CBS purchased Fender in the mid 60's and as a result hard core collectors often prefer "Pre-CBS" stratocasters.  The vulnerable stratocaster is still in production and as popular as ever with over 1 million guitars produced since it's introduction.  I've photographed a number of great stratocasters over the years.  Believe it or not I actually prefer heavily used well worn stratocasters, they seem to have more character and you can almost hear the stores they have to tell.

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1961 Fender Stratocaster Photo 1999 srv stratocaster jpeg 1963 stratocaster picture 2005 black strat image
A Nicely Worn 1961 Stratocaster
1999 SRV Stratocaster
1963 Fender Stratocaster
2005 Clapton Blackie Reissue
1969 black stratocaster photo fedner stratocaster fender the strat photo 1972 stratocaster photo
Beat 1979 Black Strat
1978 Stratocaster in Olympic White
1983 "The Strat" in White
1972 Stratocaster
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