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1960 es-330
  Gibson Archtop Guitars


Gibson has a number of archtop guitar models.  The ES-350 was launched in 1947 which was followed by the ES-175.  Many consider the ES-175 as the first mass produced electric archtop from Gibson.  In 1950 Gibson also launched the ES140 which was a beginner 3/4 scale electric.  The L5 and Super 400 are top of the line jazz guitars.  The CES designation was added in 1951 and had with permanently installed twin pickups and controls.  In 1955 Gibson launched Thin Line models often using the "T" designation after the model number.  The Byrdland and ES-350T are thinline examples.  My favorite, the ES-335 was introduced in 1958.   The ES-345 and 355 were introduced in the same time frame.   Gibson archtops continue to be popular guitars and many models are still in production today. 


1961 or 62 es175d 1959 ES-225T photo 1960 es-330 1966 es330 jpeg
1961 ES-175D
1959 ES-225T
1960 ES-330
1966 ES-330
1967 es330 1967 es-335 photo 1954 es-140 pic 1966 es330 jpeg
1967 es-330
1967 es-335
1954 ES-140
1966 ES330 TD




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