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      Other Guitars and Amps


There are are many other brands of vintage and collectable guitars and amps.  Epiphone, Ampeg, Guild, Airline, Silvertone and PRS to name a few.  Here are a few more photos of interesting guitars and amps.


White Airline guitar epiphone zephyr epiphone sorrento sorrento without strings and pick guard
Airline Guitar
1940's Epiphone Zephyr
1967 Epiphone Sorrento
Sorrento w/o Pick Guard
61 silvertone Travis bean aluminum neck guitar TBA Another airline guitar with fiberglass body ampeg gemini amp
1961 Silvertone
1975 1000A Travis Bean
Airline Guitar with Bigsby
Ampeg Gemini 1
national guitar guild songbird epiphone coronet epiphone newport bass
National Valpro 88
80's Guild Songbird
67 Epiphone Coronet
1965 Epiphone Newport Bass
gibson amp ariline amp Airline Amp gretsch amp
Gretsch 6162 Amp
Airline Amp
Anothe view of the Airline Amp
Another nice 60's Gretsch
silvertone amp in case
prs dragon #1 with neck dragon inlay work
1960's Silvertone Amp in Case
PRS Dragon Serial # 1 !

prs dragon neck closeup
Close up of the Amazing Inlay Work on Dragon #1

prs dragon

A later series 1 PRS Dragon


Thanks to RNR Vintage for providing some of these photos


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