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1956 fender telecaster

  Fender Telecaster Photos


The Fender Telecaster -  The Telecaster has been around since 1951 and has been a favorite of many musicians.  The Telecaster features two pickups, great sustain and is popular with many country artists.  Major changes to the Telecaster included the addition of a Rosewood fingerboard and 8 screw pick guard in 1959.  In 1965 Fender added the large "F" Fender Logo to the neck plate.   These are highly popular guitars and a favorite of mine to photograph.

1960 telecaster photo 1966 telecaster photo 1966 telecaster in oly white photograph 1967 maple cap telecaster photograph
1960 Telecaster Custom in Sunburst
1966 Telecaster Fiesta Red
1966 Telecaster in Olympic White
1967 Maple Cap Telecaster
tele thinline picture 1961 fender esquire photo jeff beck japanese telecaster reissue - rare photo Paisley Telecaster photo
1969 Telecaster Thinline
1961 Fender Esquire - refinished
Reissue Japanese Jeff Beck Tele
Unusual 1968 Paisley Telecaster


Popular Fender Telecaster Guitar Photos

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