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   1964 Gibson SG Custom
      Gibson SG Guitars


The SG has a distinctive style and a highly desirable guitar.  The first Gibson SG style guitars were introduced in 1961 originally part of the "Les Paul" line.   By 1963 the "Les Paul" was dropped and models were simply called the SG Junior, the SG standard and the SG custom. 


1962 SG Junior Gibson 1963 Gibson SG Standard 1964 Gibson SG Custom in White SG Collection with Marshall Amps
1962 SG Junior
1963 SG Standard
1964 SG Custom
A Nice Group of SGs
1978 white gibson SG stardard
1962 Gibson SG Junior in Cherry
1965 Pellham Blue SG
72 Gibson SG Doubleneck EDS 1275 guitar
1978 SG Standard
Cherry 1962 SG Junior
1965 Pellham Blue SG Junior
74 SG EDS- 1275 Doubleneck
1669 Gibson SG Standard Gibson SG Singed by Angus Young 1990 gibson doubleneck eds 125  
1967 Gibson SG
68 SG JR. signed by Angus !
90 SG EDS 1275 Doubleneck



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