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How to Use a Guitar Photo to Make a PC Background aka Wallpaper


Using a photo to make a new background for your PC is easy.  Here are simple instructions for creating Guitar XP and Vista wallpaper backgrounds.


Creating a Guitar Background in XP and Vista

1) Create a folder for your background images. 

2) Navigate to your guitar photo folder.  To see the photos in your folder select "View" then "Thumbnails" from the top bar menu.  This will let you see thumbnail images of all files in your folder

3) Pick the photo you want to use as your background image.  Hover over the image and right click the mouse and select "set as desktop background" and that's it !  Your guitar image will now be the background for your PC.

Note: If the image isn't large enough to fill your entire monitor it will repeat itself until it fills your entire background space.  If you don't want the image to repeat itself pick guitar photos which are large enough to fill the entire screen.

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