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   gibson eb2 bass
      The Gibson Bass


Gibson basses are not as well respected as Fender basses in my opinion but they have a number of nice basses including my favorite, the EB-2.   Gibson began electric bass manufacturing with the EB-1 in the mid 50's and Gibson basses have been in production ever since.

Thanks to Rock N Roll Vintage for some of these photos.

Click the Gibson bass photos for a larger image of the Basses !

gibson eb3 photo 1959 gibson eb-2 1966 gibson eb-2 picture 1975 Thunderbird Bass
1964 EB-3
1959 EB-2
1966 EB-2
1975 Thunderbird Bass
gibson bass photo 65 eb-0 bass photo 832 gibson victory photo 64 eb0
1963 EB-0
1965 EB-0
1982 Gibson Victory Bass
1964 EB-0
1963 Gibson EB0 1973 Gibson Grabber Bass gibson ripper bass photo 1969 eb1 bass image
1963 Gibson EBO Bass
1973 Gibson Ripper Bass
Another Ripper Bass
1969 EB-1




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